Breath Therapy?…Doesn’t Therapy Cost Money? 

  • By Yoga Studio Calgary
  • 22 May, 2017
Breath Therapy
Stop thinking. Stop talking. Stop worrying…..start consciously breathing, and then see how fast your life changes. Our breath is the single most accessible and powerful source for stress and anxiety reduction, yet is so often gets ignored. Breath (prana) is our link between the body and mind. Through simple breathing techniques we can develop a relationship and find balance between these two systems facilitating health and well-being

4 Benefits of Breath Work: 

  1. Improves stamina, concentration and mental disposition
  2. Enhances Immune and Circulatory systems
  3. Lowers blood pressure 
  4. Balances the Nervous and Endocrine systems helping with anxiety, stress, insomnia, diabetes, heart disease, respiratory illness and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

4 Types of Breath Work (give them a try!): 

  1. Box Breathing - Close your eyes and picture a square box in front of you, focus on the 4 sides of the box. Inhale to the count of 4 while you trace one side of the box, hold for a count of 4 while you trace the next side. Exhale to the count of 4 while you trace the third side. Hold for a count of 4 while you trace the final side. Repeat as needed. This is a very grounding, anxiety reducing way to breathe, shutting down the surges of cortisol and adrenaline.
  2. Circle (Wave) Breath - Breathe in deeply, filling your lungs and as you reach the very tippy top of your breath, begin to exhale slowly. Once you have reached the very bottom of your breath, begin to inhale slowly. Connecting the inhale and the exhale so there is no pause, no break in the cycle or breath. This is an extremely relaxing and calming way to breathe. Sending you into a zone of ahhhhh.
  3. Elevator Breath - Place your hands on your belly and breathe into your belly to the count of 3, pause. Holding that breath there, now breathe into your chest to the count of 3, pause. Holding your breath there, then breathe into your throat to the count of 3, pause. Exhale in the reversed direction yet in the same manner. Starting at your throat and working down into your belly. This is a very centering breath.
  4. Ujjayi Breath - Take a deep inhale through your nose. Create a slight restriction at the back of your throat as if you were intentionally fogging up a bathroom mirror. Exhale through your mouth as you hold that restriction. This breath work will make noise. This is a very focused and energizing breath.
Your breath is always there for you, night and day. It is free and accessible. It is more powerful than you may think when it comes to reducing stress, worry, anxiety and discomfort.

Join Senior yoga teaching Trish Robbins Saturday May 27th and learn powerful breathing techniques to help improve your health, boost energy, mental clarity and decrease the effects of stress.

Yoga Calgary Blog

By Yoga Studio Calgary 14 Aug, 2017
Your time is precious and often limited. When you have the chance to make it to a yoga class you sure want to get all out of it that you can! A yoga class offers you 75 minutes of time entirely just for you. This time is for your own self care so you can recharge and be able to serve the rest of your life to its full potential. Here are three ways you can get the most out of your practice starting today!
By Yoga Studio Calgary 09 Aug, 2017
Yoga for the lymphatic system is about the age old series of repetitive movements passed down from the old masters. When eliminating water build up in the lymph system, the immune system is strengthened to fight infections and free radicals. These poses vary from traditional asanas: they are repetitive, rhythmic movements specifically addressing the glands associated with the Lymph system. Drainage is encouraged from the massage like action and results are felt immediately. The benefits of Lymphatic drainage;

1) Stimulates circulation
2) Eliminates toxins
3) Increases skin’s elasticity 4
) Rejuvenates your nervous system
By Yoga Studio Calgary 09 Aug, 2017
Meditation is a key component of a regular yoga practice. We bring it into our studio classes and even have classes solely about meditation. We learn the value of sitting in stillness and going inward. There are many ways you can bring in mediation to your day off your yoga mat. Mindfulness is about awareness. By paying attention to what it is you are doing, and incorporating a rhythmic breathing pattern you stimulate this awareness.

1) Cooking a meal
2) Running, or other routine exercise
3) Having a shower
4) Journalling
5) Gardening
6) Cleaning
7) Creating or crafting
8) Eating
9) Reading
10) Having a pleasant conversation
By Yoga Studio Calgary 08 Aug, 2017

It is said that life begins at the end of your comfort zone. When you want something you’ve never had, you have to do something you’ve never done. Why not try a new class!! Why not try our Balanced Yoga class with the incredible Marcy. This class begins September 11th.

This 75 minute class blends the dynamic energy of a flow class to strengthen, stretch, and get the body and mind invigorated. Then moves into stillness with poses that focus on lengthening, elongating, and releasing the fascia to loosening blockages. Held in a warm room to encourage blood flow and ease throughout the practice. The purpose of this class is to create a sense of unity and balance within the body, mind, and soul.

See you on the mat Mondays at 12:30 !

By Yoga Studio Calgary 01 Aug, 2017
It is said that life begins at the end of your comfort zone. When you want something you’ve never had, you have to do something you’ve never done. Why not try a new class!! Why not try our Strength and Flow class with the incredible Wanita.

For those who have experience in yoga. A challenging class combining non-heated yoga flow, strengthening poses, longer holds and traditional vinyasa. Class participants will experience innovative ways to build strength through movement in a fun and light-hearted class which will enhance and enrich one's yoga practise.

Currently we have this class at our Varsity studio on Wednesdays at 5:00pm. In September we are starting a second class at our Oak Bay studio at 6:30pm with Christina…..See you on the mat!
By Yoga Studio Calgary 24 Jul, 2017
So there’s this thing called yoga. You are giving it a try. Your friends, maybe even your doctor have suggested you should give it a go. Maybe you have yet to join a class. Whatever it is, I am sure thoughts and ideas are swirling around in your head about what is and what isn’t yoga.
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