New To Yoga

New To Yoga?

Wonderful! Welcome!!

The Yoga Studio of Calgary sets you up for success by ensuring a welcoming, safe environment with classes that suit your level of ability and nurture your soul.

No matter what class you decide is just the one for you, we know you're going to feel great afterward, and we all can't wait to welcome you into The Yoga Studio of Calgary family. Our website has most of the information you may need in the beginning. However it is our desk staff and teachers who have the smiles and warmth to welcome you. Both the desk staff and teachers can help you out with specific questions. If you’re curious about our schedule, passes, class types, please scroll though our can answer most of these kinds of questions. What does one wear to a yoga class?? the short and only answer; anything comfortable! You do not need specific yoga clothes. Simply wear clothes you feel comfortable in and will allow you to move easily.

Don’t forget your water bottle!

Please don’t be late. It is very disruptive to the other students and the teacher, and for this reason many classes we do not allow late admittance. Please arrive 10 minutes before class. We have multiple locations, please be sure you arrive at the studio you intend on arriving at for
the class you want.

We know staring down our printed and online schedule might leave you wondering what to tackle next or which class will be the best fit for you (we have trouble deciding which classes to take ourselves....we love them all!!) So we thought we'd step in with a few suggestions to make it smooth sailing for you. If you are just getting started with a yoga practice try out these classes;
  • Gentle Yoga

  • We are so pleased you are choosing self-care over busy schedules and deciding on a healthier way to get more energy and unwind after a long day.....welcome to The Yoga Studio of Calgary!
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