Why We Should All Be Practicing Yoga For The Lymphatic System 

  • By Yoga Studio Calgary
  • 09 Aug, 2017
Why We Should All Be Practicing Yoga For The Lymphatic System
Yoga for the lymphatic system is about the age old series of repetitive movements passed down from the old masters. When eliminating water build up in the lymph system, the immune system is strengthened to fight infections and free radicals. These poses vary from traditional asanas: they are repetitive, rhythmic movements specifically addressing the glands associated with the Lymph system. Drainage is encouraged from the massage like action and results are felt immediately. The benefits of Lymphatic drainage;

1) Stimulates circulation
2) Eliminates toxins
3) Increases skin’s elasticity 4
) Rejuvenates your nervous system

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By Yoga Studio Calgary 11 Dec, 2017

It isn’t surprising that you are feeling overwhelmed, wound up and utterly stressed out these days - it’s a busy time of year in the craziest way! I know it feels like all times of the year are the busiest? The holiday season however always has that extra fa la la la….. I doubt feeling this way is helping you accomplish those millions of extra tasks these days. You see when we’re bouncing all over the place; whether it’s actually happening or just happening amongst our thoughts and to-do lists, so is the energy we put into these tasks. If the scattered chaotic energy is what we put into what we do, what do you think the result will be?

….right…..exactly…….It’s nothing revolutionary, just a simple idea. Why don’t you stop and take care of yourself for a little while. I promise you all those things you must get done will still be there when you come back and they will be far less daunting. What an idea! I know! You may have heard this idea a hundred times before, and how are your results? Don’t doubt your efforts. The fact that you have the awareness is the first great gift you could offer yourself. If this is the very first time you have pondered such madness as putting everyone and everything in your life on hold and be right back, well I wish you could see the smile I have for you right now.

By Yoga Studio Calgary 04 Dec, 2017
You want to gain resilience so you can remain strong in the face of challenge or just deal with daily stresses……but where to even begin?

You have been told the solution is to love yourself…..but how?

You know you crave more self-care…..but when?

Tired of hitting that 2:30 pm brick wall because you have no energy?

Wanna finally experience what it feels like to reach the point of
abundant self-love, not ever feeling anxious about getting it all done,
and have more energy than you could know what to do with?

8 weeks to reclaim your natural state of well-being, commit to practice.

Yoga in all of its forms with consistent practice enhances and strengthens your resilience breath by breath by removing the layers of
self-doubt, fear, judgement that all cloud you from knowing your true self, your powerful and resilient soul.

I know you've tried what feels like it all!

I know you've tried in the past to overcome what drains your energy day in and day out.

I know you’ve hit the 2:30 pm brick wall too many times.

If there was a possible pick-me-up from that, you've done it.

I know you’ve felt burdening guilt and regret about a certain way they handled a situation with their your kids, your job, your partner. But,
resilience in the face of all these challenges is what will keep you feeling all is well all the time.

That's where yoga comes in. Your personal practice will create exactly what you are needing to receive. It follows you off your mat and into
your life. It is there for your always.
By Yoga Studio Calgary 27 Nov, 2017
" You should sit in meditation for 20 minutes a day. Unless you are busy; then you should sit for an hour " - Old Zen Saying

The human mind is the same now as it was 5000 years ago. It is capable of accomplishing your greatest potential right now. However modern busy life has hindered, clouded and ruined many of your minds’ natural capabilities of reaching your fullest potential. Yoga is not a religion, yoga is not a clothing line, yoga is not acrobatics, yoga is not a trend. Yoga shows you that there is a sanctuary of stillness within all of us, we can access it at any time. The further you dive into your practice, the easier it becomes to access this stillness within an instant. You have constructed your "crazy busy life" planning brick by planning brick, ruminating brick by ruminating brick. You can engineer a new mindset at any time. In their April 2017 article. Noble Peace Prize winner in medicine, Elizabeth Blackburn and health psychologist Elissa Epel wrote about the damaging affects of thought rumination on our cells. We have 100 Trillion cells, it only takes one the go haywire and create a following. Thought rumination (the act of re-hashing problems over and over) “ when you ruminate, stress sticks around in the body long after the reason for the stress is over, in the form of prolonged high blood pressure, elevated heart rate, and higher levels of cortisol. Your vagus nerve which helps you feel calm and keeps your heart and digestive systems steady, withdrawals its activity, and remains withdrawn long after the stressor is gone. Studies show that the more we ruminate after a stressful event, the lower the telomerase in the CD8 cells, the crucial immune cells that send out proinflammtory signals when they are damaged…..this leads to depression and anxiety. ” This is a resilience weakener to the max! It is actually a process that ages our DNA. When you ruminate on thoughts in the attempt to solve a problem or change the outcome it will only solidify and intensify the non-desired outcome you are worried about.

So how do we use yoga to highjack our minds so these core beliefs and thought patterns do not continue to convince us we are so busy, ruin a would be happy event, inhibit business and personal growth and keep us operating from a high vibrational potential reaching place? We work on the cellular consciousness through movement, meditation and breath work. All of which are designed to release stuck thought patterns that create blocks, accept where you are right now, and allow your birthright of abundance to flood in...abundance of all forms, including time to accomplish all you are needing too. A recent Harvard study described how psychosomatics shows up in our lives because our bodies and brains are wired to source, universal energy, divinity……so we can use this theory in an opposite way that is within our favour. Dr. Rick Hanson is a neuropsychologist and a well loved speaker at universities such as Berkeley, Oxford, Harvard and Stanford. He loves to talk about the concept of experience dependent neuroplasticity. This is the act of using mindfulness and intentions to literally change your brain. Moment to moment all that you are aware of is based on underlying neural activity, whether it is conscious or unconscious. Your brain affects and changes your mind and your mind affects and changes your brain. A thought stimulates the brain, creating a busy region that will get more blood flow thus more oxygen and glucose. Genes have an expression, whether is be positive or negative. The genes that are stimulated more will grow, multiple and get more active, the ones that are not stimulated will wither….an example, people who routinely practice mindfulness mediation and relaxation grow and activate genes that will combat stress reactions, thus making them more resilient…..it is literally neutrons that wire together fire together.

 We can use the concept of experience dependent neuroplasticity during our mindfulness meditation practice to wire the brain for happiness, abundance, success, joy, love. Wayne Dyer put it this way…..what you focus on is what grows……When you are having a challenging time or feel overwhelmed with busy-ness. When your struggles feel so strong, you are unconsciously creating a deeper root to the core belief that you are failing and that you are not enough. Instead of focusing on your failures, shortcomings, inadequacies, completely flip your list! In these moments you are not feeling abundance and secure, I know. Recall a time you did. Recall a time you felt so accomplished, whether with work or your personal life. Think about it, feel it all throughout your body, sense it, watch it….hold this all for at least 30 seconds….neuron by neuron you are stitching together your safety net, enhancing your resilience. There are many stages of being able to do this and taking it very deep, start right here for now. Imagine being caught in a wave or the base of a waterfall, you’ll keep churning around there if you just stay there…..how do you get out? dive down deep. Yoga practice takes you there. The busy-ness of your life is not the problem, it is the mindset you choose to take about it. Yoga in all of its forms supports a more resilient mindset, offerings you a retreat from the "crazy busy-ness" that can leave you feeling like you can't even come up for air.
By Yoga Studio Calgary 20 Nov, 2017
Fear by definition is an unpleasant emotion caused by the belief that someone or something is dangerous, likely to cause pain, or a threat. There is one very powerful word in this sentence, "belief".....Fear is caused by a belief. A belief is an acceptance that something is true and exists. So if fear is merely a belief and a belief is simply an acceptance, can't we accept a new belief? The instant I did, virtually everything changed in my life for the better. The biggest challenge is recognizing fear for what it is, and knowing an actual fear is never as scary as the ones you imagine. There are things that happen throughout your day that cause you to react or feel a certain way, mostly negative. These can be called triggers. Triggers occur because of core beliefs we all have well rooted in our souls. These core beliefs are all based on fear. You begin to fear the outcome of things and events you don't even know will ever happen simply because your mind is hard-wired too. This fear based reality is crippling to your success, happiness and peace. So what begins to happen when you hard-wire your mind for happiness and security. You begin to know a world you may have said you could have only ever imagined of.

1) You will see what happens in your life as something that simply happened and did not happen to you. It had a start, it had an end, and there is no need to let any of that energy linger in your soul. Humans tend to make everything so personal. You assume that this happened because of something lacking or wrong in you. You think it would have never happened if you were just "not so this", or "better at that"..... This simply is not true. This is a lie you are telling yourself. You convince yourself of this because it keeps you safe and protected. As soon as you begin a journey of leaning into your fears, your discomforts, your worries. As soon as you begin to see that fear there, you become aware that this isn't you, it is a message telling you "hey, here's a little something where you can show up for yourself". An opportunity to meet your own needs for safety, nourishment, joy. You begin to see that there is separation between who you are, and what you are doing. It isn't about stopping all of the crazy from happening in your life. It is about developing the resilience to ride the wave straight through the crazy without getting knocked down.

2) You begin to notice the infinite amount of abundance that surrounds you in all forms. Abundance of love, success, happiness, contentment. There are only two states you can be functioning from, fear or love. When you shift into living a love based life, all you see and experience is love and success. The mind has the ability to ruin anything it wants. It does this because it is seeking control. We cannot control the world around us, so we control our thoughts. If your thoughts are fear based, how do you think the world around you will be and feel? If your thoughts are love based how do you think your world will be and feel? Mmm hmm! Establishing new thought patterns is merely creating a new habit. One that is easy to establish with the right and appropriate force and in the right conditions.

3) Success begins to chase you! Financial success, relationship success, personal success, family success, successes of all kinds will begin leaping at you. Living a love based life instead of a fear based life brings you into alignment with the universal principle of your unique soul purposes. It is from this state that literally anything is possible, anything! We are all energy (vibrating particles) like energy seeks like energy, it is a law of physics. If you can imagine it, you can have it......but only when you're aligned with the universal principle of your unique soul purpose.

4) Life becomes easy. You step into the flow of life. This chanel of positive and vibrant energy that carries you through life peacefully, establishes deep resilience within you. Your moments are pure and full of good, instead of stressful, tough or scary. Life lifts you up and doesn't knock you down. Things that were once scary or hard for you, you will now see as amazing opportunities.

Don't ever allow yourself to be intimidated by what you don't know. When you move past fear you begin to see who you are, and that is your super power. I promise you, you can only imagine the creations that will explode from you when you step away from fear and into love.
By Yoga Studio Calgary 13 Nov, 2017
While the 60 to 90 minutes you spend on your yoga mat a few days a week certainly helps, it is no match for the chronic stress and tension you place on your body during the rest of the day in your desk job.
Sitting at a desk for hours on end places unnecessary strain on the lumbar spine, overstretches the mid to upper back, and shortens the chest and hips—leading to neck, shoulder, and low back pain. Try this simple office yoga  sequence when you cannot get to your favorite class.
By Yoga Studio Calgary 07 Nov, 2017
Negativity does not naturally dwell in your body, yet you have a bias for it. When is enters your thought patterns and your cellular consciousness, it sticks to you like Superglue. This negativity bias affects much of your life. Impacting your choices, creating a lens through which you see your world, and ultimately weaken your ability to withstand or recover quickly from difficult conditions - the weakening of your resilience. This is merely a habit and habits can be changed under the right conditions and forces. In other words a practice of inquiry and mindfulness will allow you to bounce back far faster than before.

1) You are tossing away your power like it were confetti! You go on throughout your day spreading and depositing your energy wherever you go. Driving your kids to sports practice, rushing to get a project in before the deadline, doing the grocery shopping, laundry and house cleaning. Every time depleting your own source of life, what you rely on to power you through the day. Spreading and sharing your energy is great, it is needed, you most likely care for a number of people in your life. Never forget to replenish it. The best ways to do so are through a yoga practice....not just attending a yoga class or two, but actually committing to a yoga practice (a few classes a week). Yoga has been proven to increase energy (prana or qi) in the body and remove stagnant or blocked energy.

2) Doubt infects you like the plague. When we hold a thought pattern in your mind, your thoughts, you hold it in your cellular body. This thought
pattern cripples your ability to have any hope (the number one sensation to hold in life) that your life is in fact not happening to you, but
around you. Doubt clouds your viewpoint. In reality, something may be wonderful and good, but you can't see that, you have the lens of doubt on. If you are doubting the outcome of something you would really like to be positive, ask yourself, what percentage of certainty do you have
that the doubtful outcome will actually happen.

Honestly you can't tell me even 0.1% because you can not see into the future and you do not know anything of this nature to be true or not....so stop worrying and feeling doubtful. Replace those feelings with love, breathe in say to yourself "love", breathe out say to yourself "love" or simply just take a mindful breath.

3) You are forgetting you already have everything you need. Really you do! Love, power, manifestation, resilience... these and much more are
all your birthright. You use negative thought patterns, internal criticism, judgement, rendered impressions of past experiences, and fear to
cloudy your innate and all mighty capability to understand that you don't need to earn anything, you don't need to attain any level of existence.
It's all already in you, you've already made it! You simply need to access it....how do you ask? by being aware that you are the being and
not the doing. Knowing you do not need to seek any form of approval, status, existence empowers you to know the feeling of resilience
through strength of identity in the being and not the doer.

4) You forgot to look for the good, look for the helpers. You can actually re-wire your brain for positivity by simply having that perspective. The
more you focus on the good, the more good there will be. It's the law of attraction through physics. Make this a fun challenge for yourself, when
you are hit by adversity in your day, intentionally find at least one good thing in it all. Even if it is something like being grateful this bad thing
happen so you have the chance to practice this method.

5) Your heart is closed. Your heart is closed because the emotion of fear has moved in and taken strong roots. Fear weakens your
resilience by blocking your intuition and knocks your consciousness off centre. Fear is where negativity, anger, sadness, frustration and scarcity all grow from. Your thought patterns based from fear (pretty much most of them) are merely a habit. If you want to experience a
different outcome, choose a different habit, choose LOVE! not in the romantic sense, but in the alignment with the universal principle you
operate from love sense. Self awareness through inquiry and mindfulness is the fastest way to begin opening your heart.
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