Try This Breath Technique For Enhanced Mental Energy

  • By Yoga Studio Calgary
  • 02 Oct, 2017
Try This Breath Technique For Enhanced Mental Energy
Who couldn’t use a moment, or many moments throughout the day of increased mental energy and those feel good sensations. Try out Murcha pranayama (retaining breath)……draw in new life energy (prana) as you inhale and soak your brain with all this empowering energy.

Be seated, at your desk at work, at home, at the hockey arena, wherever you are this can be done.

Close your eyes, take in a few conscious breaths. Do not hold these initial breaths, just use them to settle. This in itself is beginning to enhance mental energy and purify your lungs. Once settled with a few breaths, draw in a deep inhalation to your body and hold it….bend your neck to lower your chin in toward your chest. Hold this breath and position for however long feels comfortable. Now lift your head and release the breath. Repeat as many times as you feel you need.

It is always important when using different or new breath techniques to never strain and always honour your body and what feels comfortable.

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By Yoga Studio Calgary 15 Jan, 2018
Begin first by not setting unreasonable expectations for yourself. It is far better to give yourself fewer tasks, accomplish them and feel that
success and the sense of "being on top of it"....than giving yourself too many tasks and not fully accomplishing any one of them. This just
leaves you feeling inadequate and as if you are dragging behind, not a loving feeling to experience.

Here are 5 ways to set up a mindset of success, happiness, and contentment.

1) Morning Rituals ; never underestimate the power of setting your day up right from the beginning. As painful as it can be to drag yourself out
of bed early in the morning, the benefits will very soon far out-weigh the struggle. There is a peace first thing in the morning that will not
exist any other time of the day, draw from it. Set your alarm even just 15 minutes earlier than you typically would. Using a stimulant such as
inhaling peppermint and orange essential oils will bring a feeling of being awake as well as bring on the happy feelings. Take these 15 minutes to do something routine such as a meditation, a short yoga asana sequence, a extra long shower.

2) Journaling; journaling your thoughts, desires, accomplishments, goals, things you need to release is a beautiful balance of letting go and bringing in. Be free, be creative, just write. It doesn't even need to make sense. Putting words to paper removes the holding onto what no longer serves you, as well as the craving for desires not yet received.

3) Creative Visualization ; go ahead and daydream throughout your day. Do this often, without judgement. These thoughts are yours and only yours, think of whatever sets your soul on fire, and don't forget to savour how you feel when you create these adventures, these accomplishments, these wonderful things in your mind.

4) Meditation ; even a simple breath in and breath out is a meditation. If you can find 3 minutes in your day to scroll through Facebook, you can find 3 minutes to close your eyes and do nothing but breathe in and breathe out. Take refuge, take it daily. This simple task will begin to re- wire your brain, your neuron network to establish greater resilience and a sense of peace.

5) Gratitude ; bringing along gratitude throughout your day really will be your best friend. With gratitude there is no need for striving. When you are able to focus on what you already have, that energy will draw in like energy....more of it. If you are striving to accomplish something, stop working so hard, stop striving. There is a lot of struggle energy with this. Simply think about how great it feels to have the things you already have. To have accomplished the things you already have. They don't need to be the same as what it is you desire, it is simply the energy of having what you need that will bring more of that in.
By Lynn Fraser 08 Jan, 2018

Compelling thoughts have the power to take us away from the present moment. They trigger feelings of fear and anxiety, showing up like a storm in our system. Think of times you’ve been ruminating, compulsively going over something in your mind. This type of thought often relates to a past event that you wish was different or anxiety about what may happen in the future.

These are the thoughts that keep us from sleeping at night. This is the racing mind that never lets us rest. It is important to recognize the negative effects on our brain, nervous system, and lives when these gain momentum and begin to predominate in our mind.

As a culture we are beginning to be aware of the harmful effects of sports concussions and to protect young players through policies like mandatory helmet use. Compulsively banging our head is harmful, whether it is against a wall or a soccer ball. Let’s be clear that compulsive, negative thinking also hurts us.

There are healthy and effective strategies for helping to slow down your thoughts, including breathing and relaxation exercises, going for a walk, or immersing yourself in a project. Reading a book out loud can break the momentum. Develop a list that works for you.

Effective but unhealthy strategies with disastrous consequences are distractions and addictions so prevalent in our culture. These include shopping, binge watching on Netflix, compulsive cleaning or addictions like gambling, sex, food, and alcohol or other drugs.

We can change and heal this pattern.

Find out more in Lynn Fraser’s new book Friends With Your Mind, How To Stop Torturing Yourself With Your Thoughts

By Yoga Studio Calgary 22 Dec, 2017
1) The skill I have always wanted to learn is?
2) The thing that brings me the most joy is?
3) 5 ways I have grown in the last 3 years?
4) When I feel anger or sadness, where in my body do I feel it?
5) What really drains my energy, does it need to be there?
6) How do I deal with the uncomfortable things in life?
7) Can I be spending my free time in a better way?
8) Do new ideas excite me, how do I respond, do I take action?
9) What is my greatest strength, can I use that in other ways?
10) What is the best thing that could happen to me today?
By Yoga Studio Calgary 21 Dec, 2017
Why are you letting your past dictate your future potential by limiting your actions in your present?

Have you every thought for a moment about how your lifestyle would be different today if you had acted differently in the past. It is time to consciously forgive yourself of any all past choices and move fully towards your bright future.

"I can't"

"I've never done that before"

"I tried it before, and it was horrible"

These are all statements we have all utter in moments of panic and fear. The second after they leave my mouth, I feel a shadow as though I were excusing myself from an opportunity for growth. To seize the change I desperately wanted.

With the new year upon us, are you tired of sidestepping challenges, tired of letting excuses dictate your future. tired of shirking change? Today you can move towards your goals with a clean slate. Jump on those goals. Then let's chat this time next year and celebrate all of your wins!

Confidence comes from action, from doing it anyway even when you're squirming with nerves. Stretching ahead of you is a bright, hopeful future where anything is possible if you just take one tiny step towards it.
By Yoga Studio Calgary 18 Dec, 2017
As this year comes to a close we naturally begin to think towards the new year. Our plans, goals, intentions, resolutions. These are of course wonderful thoughts to drive our focus. It takes a lot of energy to create something new, to birth something into existence. The fastest way to actualizing visions or manifestations is by being in alignment with your greater self, and the universal principle. Getting into this alignment comes when we are living in our state of flow, contentment. Here are a few ways to get to living in your state of flow.

1) Reflection - reflect back on your year. Not just in a, "oh yeah, I did some pretty great things" type of a way....bring in more detail, maybe even write them down. In all of the 52 weeks you had, what was your biggest win each week, your biggest accomplishment....write them down. Look at that!

2) Gratitude - the surest way to generate more in your life (more of anything) is to hold a genuine feeling of gratitude for all you already have throughout your body. Look back on your year...slowly. Pause each time you felt grateful. Write them down, look at your!

3) Acceptance - This is not the time for problem solving. Spending anymore time thinking about the things that didn't go so great is nothing but an energy drainer. Thinking doesn't actually solve any problems...ever! Thinking will only activate an already over active mind. the very thing that got you there in the first place. Simply accept that it is what it is, and on you go.
By Yoga Studio Calgary 11 Dec, 2017

It isn’t surprising that you are feeling overwhelmed, wound up and utterly stressed out these days - it’s a busy time of year in the craziest way! I know it feels like all times of the year are the busiest? The holiday season however always has that extra fa la la la….. I doubt feeling this way is helping you accomplish those millions of extra tasks these days. You see when we’re bouncing all over the place; whether it’s actually happening or just happening amongst our thoughts and to-do lists, so is the energy we put into these tasks. If the scattered chaotic energy is what we put into what we do, what do you think the result will be?

….right…..exactly…….It’s nothing revolutionary, just a simple idea. Why don’t you stop and take care of yourself for a little while. I promise you all those things you must get done will still be there when you come back and they will be far less daunting. What an idea! I know! You may have heard this idea a hundred times before, and how are your results? Don’t doubt your efforts. The fact that you have the awareness is the first great gift you could offer yourself. If this is the very first time you have pondered such madness as putting everyone and everything in your life on hold and be right back, well I wish you could see the smile I have for you right now.

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