Recipe of the Week: Banh Mi Spring Rolls

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  • 28 Jun, 2015
Banh Mi Spring Rolls

Looking for something fresh, as well as quick and easy to nosh on this summer? Check out this Banh Mi Spring Roll recipe from   What is Banh Mi? Banh Mi is a Vietnamese snack consisting of a baguette, filled with a variety of ingredients, typically including meat, pickled vegetables, and chili peppers. This is a flexible alternative as this recipe substitutes a baguette and meat with tofu and rice paper rolls. Bon Appetit!

2 cups vegetables (carrots, daikon or red radish, julienned)
3/4 cup unseasoned Rice Vinegar + 1 cup water
4-5 Tbsp sweetener (i.e. agave nectar, sugar or honey if not vegan)
1/2 tsp sea salt
1 lime, juiced

1 block extra firm tofu
1 Tbsp soy sauce
12 spring roll rice papers
1 large bundle cilantro, large stems removed (or sub basil or mint)
Sriracha or chili garlic sauce

1/2 cup peanut butter (I use all natural crunchy)
2 Tbsp. soy sauce
1 tsp. chili garlic paste
3-4 Tbsp. brown sugar, depending on preference of sweetness
1 lime, juiced
1/3- 1/2 cup hot water

1 green onion, thinly sliced and added to dipping sauce (purely aesthetic)
Leftover vinegar sauce OR peanut butter or almond butter sauce for dipping


  • Preheat oven to 400 degrees and wrap tofu in a clean, absorbent towel and set something heavy on top to press. Once preheated, slice tofu into medium-sized rectangles (see photo) and place on a parchment-lined (or lightly greased) baking sheet.
  • Bake for 25-30 minutes, or until golden brown on all sides. Generously brush with soy sauce and set aside.
  • While the tofu is baking, prepare pickling sauce by combining rice vinegar, water, sugar, salt, and lime juice in a jar and shaking to combine. Taste and adjust seasonings as needed, adding more sweetener of choice for sweetness, or vinegar or lime juice for tanginess. Transfer to fridge to chill.
  • Next, prep vegetables by julienning or thinly slicing radish, carrot and any other desired fillings (jalapeño is a common Banh Mi addition). Add to vinegar mixture to quick pickle in the fridge.
  • Prepare station for making spring rolls by getting a surface to lay rice papers on, and heat 2-3 cups water to boiling, then turn off heat.
  • Drain pickled veggies at this time and reserve liquid for dipping. If opting for a nut butter sauce, prepare at this time.
  • Prepare your peanut sauce in a food processor by mixing the first five ingredients and then slowly adding hot water until you’ve reached desired consistency – slightly thick, slightly runny.
  • To prepare a spring roll, dip rice paper in hot water for 15-20 seconds, or until soft and pliable and transfer to a damp working surface (such as a cutting board). Then add 3-4 pieces tofu, pickled vegetables, 1-2 tsp sriracha or chili garlic sauce, and a large handful of cilantro. Fold over once, tuck in edges, and continue rolling over.
  • Lay seam side down on a serving platter or baking sheet and cover with a slightly damp towel to keep moist. Continue until all spring roll fillings are used up – about 10-12 rolls.
    Serve with leftover vinegar sauce OR my favorite almond butter or peanut butter sauce. Leftovers store well covered in the fridge for up to 2 days, though best when fresh.
  • Yoga Calgary Blog

    By Yoga Studio Calgary 19 Jun, 2017
    We all want to know that when we invest in anything, whether it be with our time, money, or efforts; that we will receive a payoff…..that is why we invest. An investment in a regular yoga practice will offer you the most valuable pay off, an enhanced state of living, a healthier you, a happy life.
    By Yoga Studio Calgary 12 Jun, 2017
    Restorative yoga postures along with yogic breath work can shift the ‘stress response’ of the sympathetic nervous system to the ‘relaxation response’ of the parasympathetic nervous system – creating the inner environment for healing.

    Invoking the relaxation response is an acquired skill and is fundamental to healthy mind and body. .

    When the body is fully supported it is then able to let go of deeply held tensions and stresses, releasing into deep relaxation. This allows for healing, replenishment, restoration and a return to homeostasis.

    The passive nature of restorative yoga makes it available to practically anyone. However, even the most seasoned and skilled yogi and yogini will benefit from a regular restorative yoga practice. The balance of an active asana practice along with the stress reducing therapeutic or restorative practice, create the state of santosha (contentment) we desire from our personal practice.

    Take your practice a step further by learning the art and skill of restorative yoga with Calgary’s most senior restorative yoga teacher, Trish Robbins at her 3 day workshop. Through practice, discussion and hands-on experience, learn the art and skill of practicing or teaching classical restorative postures. This training is suitable for yoga teachers, trainees and health care professionals. The skills learned in this training allow for a deeper, more effective personal practice and the skills to help others.

    Trish is Co-Director of The Yoga Studio College Gold Yoga Therapist Certification Program and Calgary’s most senior restorative teacher trainer. Sign up early to avoid disappointment. Bring a notebook, a copy of Relax and Renew and your own mat.
    By Yoga Studio Calgary 05 Jun, 2017
    Yoga isn’t all about showing up to class, rolling out your mat, and reaching for your toes. Yoga is so much more than. The amazing news is; if yoga is so much more, then we have so much more to gain and benefit from yoga. Here are 5 ways you can be yoga when you’re not just doing yoga.

    1. Start thinking about all the things you have already accomplished in your day, your year, your career….instead of thinking about all the things you still have to do. You’re running up a checklist in your mind already why not make it one that makes you feel good.
    2.  When you feel uneasy about something or you are pushing yourself further than before….pause….ask yourself; am I ok now? Will I pay for this later (either physical soreness or mentally over analyzing everything)?…..if you answer yes and then no then carrying on, friend, use your breath if you need it. If you answered no and then yes stop and come back to honouring your soul. 
    3.  Breathe……Breathe……Breathe……I know you have heard it before. Maybe even many many times. Here it is one more time….nothing is more powerful at reducing the stress hormones surging through your body during tense times than your very own breath. 
    4. Realize that every choice you make matters. This isn’t to overwhelm you, but simply show you how easy it is to create the life you want to live. You are in control of your thoughts and choices. Therefore you are in control of creating your life. 
    5. As often as you can keep your mouth ever so slightly open. This reduces subvocalization, the very subtle jaw movements that are created during mental chatter, therefore reducing that mental chatter. 

    Try these out and see how you begin to feel. Yoga is for everyday. Yoga is for life.
    By Yoga Studio Calgary 29 May, 2017
    Practicing daily affirmations is a very powerful way to transform your self talk from negative/sadness/worry/ fear to positive/happiness/excitement/contentment. It is a tool you already have. What is an affirmation? It is anything you think or say. The content of these thoughts and talk have the precious ability to change our lives. They allow us to feel good about ourselves, overcome adversity, troubles, even addictions of all kinds. Here are 15 daily affirmations;

    1) I deserve love
    2) It is safe for me to share my thoughts
    3) I honour who I am
    4) I am grateful for my entire life and all that it is
    5) I accept myself exactly how I am
    6) I appreciate my body
    7) Love is always around me
    8) Old and negative thoughts no longer serve me
    9) I surrender to the flow of life
    10) Now is the time to let go and trust
    11) I am worthy of love
    12) I have unlimited potential
    13) I release fear and worry
    14) Only positive rests in my body
    15) I give love always

    Speak these simple, yet powerful words to yourself as often as you can. You will then begin to notice how strong you will begin to feel.

    Join Val Petrich this weekend for her Yoga for Addictions Workshop to learn how yoga can compliment a daily affirmation practice. This workshop is recommended for anyone wanting to learn a willful, sustained practice to help release tension associated with addictions.

    By Yoga Studio Calgary 22 May, 2017
    Stop thinking. Stop talking. Stop worrying…..start consciously breathing, and then see how fast your life changes. Our breath is the single most accessible and powerful source for stress and anxiety reduction, yet is so often gets ignored. Breath (prana) is our link between the body and mind. Through simple breathing techniques we can develop a relationship and find balance between these two systems facilitating health and well-being
    By Yoga Studio Calgary 15 May, 2017
    Yoga asana (the poses) that we practice in class or on our own, are simply the surface of the oh so powerful world of yoga. It is the greatest way to walk through the door and into the amazing world of being yoga and not just doing yoga. As Sri T Krishnamacharya says - “ Yoga is the process of replacing old patterns with new  and more appropriate patterns. ” Our lives are ever evolving and so shall our yogic lifestyle. Practice on fellow yogis! Practice on and off the mat, come home to yourself.

    Here are some simple tips on how to bring the other limbs of yoga into your daily life.

    We begin by learning about our external ethics (Yamas). It is simply knowing and acting on what’s right and what’s wrong.
    1. Ahimsa - Replace hurt or violence (to others and yourself) with compassion. It takes courage - a lot of it - to look deep enough to see the quiet ways in which it is better to use compassion. 
    2. Satya - Would your soul rather be real or appear perfect? Know your truth and live it. It may not feel safe at first, however you will quickly come to know it feels real. Be your unique self. 
    3. Asteya - Live a life of integrity. Our highest level of self cannot shine through if we steal our light from others or other places. 1 May 7, 2017 
    4. Brahmacharya - Ask yourself, what are you over indulging in? Too much is simply too much. Clear the clutter, release the junk, soften the density of blocking energies within you.
    5. Aparigraha - Realize nothing is permanent and clinging onto things as if they were possessions will only lead to fear, worry and a sense of scarcity. Remember expectations will only create limitations. 

    Moving onto the Niyamas now, we focus on our internal ethics, the foundation of stepping into our brightest light.
    1. Saucha - purify your thoughts, your intentions, your self talk. The best form of a cleanse! 
    2. Santosha - Feel and know immense gratitude for all that you already have and all that you have created. Love your life wherever you may be. 
    3. Tapas - Hang in there! remind yourself how strong and courageous you really are as you walk through the fire, or have those days of needing to dig deep. 
    4. Svadhaya - What do you need to either release or bring into your life so you can truly know you? Fall in love with learning about YOU!
    5.  Ishvara Pranidhana - Surrender! Surrender! Surrender! Trust the flow of your life. Instead of trying to control, begin to simply pay attention. 

    The remaining limbs or gifts we can gain from in a daily yoga life are;
    Asana - our physical practice, what we know as yoga on the mat.
    Pranayama - A practice of mindful breathing.
    Pratyahara - looking inward by withdrawing from outside influences.
    Dharana - Cultivating concentration, focusing your thoughts. Dhyana - A practice of mediation, as familiar to many as an asana practice. Samadhi - Sweet sweet bliss! Spiritual illumination and a sense of oneness with all.

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