Return Policy

Return Policy

Drop in passes - Drop in passes are non-refundable once used. They may NOT be refunded for cash or to account. All drop in passes do not have an expiry date and can be shared with one other person.

Registered Classes - Registered classes are non-refundable once the session has begun. They may NOT be refunded for cash or to account. If you miss a class you may make-up that class by attending any of the other classes at either location. This MUST happen within the occurring
session of which you are registered in. Registered classes will ONLY be prorated once the occurring session has begun.

Autopay membership - Autopay memberships are a 12 month contract. If the autopay is suspending, the 12 months are extended from date of purchase. Termination may ONLY happen with a written letter of request and 30 days notice.

Unlimited passes (inclusive of 2 week New Student, One month, 6 month and 12 month) are all non-refundable once used. They may NOT be refunded for cash or to account.

Workshops - workshops fees may only be refunded up until 24 hours prior to the date and time of the workshop. Refund can be in cash or put on account.

Retail - Retail may be returned for full refund within 2 weeks of purchase date. The item(s) must be un-opened, un-used and in new condition.
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