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Ameo essential oils
Tens of thousands of scientific articles and institutions across the world acknowledge the health benefits of essential oils for multiple health concerns. I chose to partner up with Ameo oils to bring these bottle of greatness to you, as they are extremely high clinical grade essential oils
that are permeable and cell active. Ameo can validate the cell activity and permeability of each oil on a variety of living cells such as kidney, skin, brain and intestinal. This ensures that they are easily and consistently absorbed and utilized by the body’s cells the way they were meant to be.

In my home, with my family and in my yoga practice, I use Ameo essential oils many times throughout my day for a number of reasons. These oils can be used aromatically (diffusing) topically and internally. These oils support physical health and well-being for immunity, circulatory system, respiratory system and the digestive system as well a mental health and well-being by supporting the nervous system. There is huge value in these oils as each 15ml bottle has 250 drops of pure plant immunity in them.

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